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The above services are headed by highly competent individuals, having excellent track record of financial dealings for more than a decade. We enjoy great rapport with our clients, most of whom are as old as our existence. It is also our quest to bring business revolution by means of creating an easy channel of funding to score of small to big businesses trying to make a mark in the vast geographical stretch. Key Person in Our Organization At present the Key Persons in the Organization are: Mr. Binsy Bose, Accsol founder and CEO has worked in Accounting for over 10 years on positions ranging from Accountant, Financial Controller, and VP of Finance & Accounting and has spent several months in the US specifically training in accounting (both in centralized and de-centralized environments). Mr. Bose Ebenezer – He is a certified Chartered Accountant and have brought over 40 years of accounting experience to the company. We will work off of your accounting platform, thereby limiting capital investment as well as training, data migration, etc. There are number of reasons that differentiate Accsol and make it stand out when compared to other accounting firms.  Some of the more prominent reasons are:  Accounting/Bookkeeping is done by a team of accounting professionals. Professional, courteous and well trained staff is assigned to your portfolio to make the service look and feel like there are additional accountants working from within your office at a fraction of the cost.  We work on a range of accounting platforms and software. Modular approach allows gradual integration of processes outsourced and flexibility to scale up/down according to business needs.  A strong quality assurance program that doubles up as check and balance and a work flow that stream lines processes. We take on short term projects. The CEO is comfortable with business cultures of other countries which makes it easy even when the business is outside India.

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